• Our pink stripe tipi allows your little one a small place of their own and it can create an imagination station and a little privacy space for your child. Your children can play, read, sleep and do anything they want in it. What's more, it can inspire children to use their imaginations, who says its just a Tipi?



    1. 100% Cotton Canvas Material

    2. Roller shutter to create a private space

    3. Built-in pockets for storage. 

    4. Windows with covers to be open or closed.

    5. Easy to assemble and store

    6. Light weight and convenient to carry


    1. Material: Wood & Cotton Canvas
    2. Color: Pink and White Stripes
    3. Dimensions: (47.24 x 43.31 x 64.96)" / (120 x 110 x 165)cm (L x W x H)
    4. Weight: 7.28lb / 3.3kg


    Packaging Includes:
    1 x Cloth Cover
    8 x Short Poles
    1 x Bag
    1 x Small Coloured Flag
    4 x Connecting Pipes
    4 x Tent Pole Foot Covers


    Note: Size varies according to the extent of the tent

    Pink Stripe Teepee/ Tipi